A little bit about us

Hayley & Craig x

About Hayley (By Craig)

Hayley is a bit on the shorter end of the spectrum and is an amazing Mum to our boys and is just all all round fantastic human. She loves animals, we have a cat, a dog and 5 chickens.

Shooting weddings with her is super fun and we really bounce off of each other all day long.

She also runs her own photography studio where she can get her fix of babies and her obsession with baby feet.

Hayley is super creative and sees things that others don’t. She’s awesome at finding the flattering angles and framing people to look their best, even if it does involve her shooting from a bush or on top of her trusty stool.

She really puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is an emotional soul who won’t be able to stop herself getting caught up in your day and will no doubt be wiping away a tear from behind her camera.

She is creative, fun and will take some rocking photos for you.

Craig x

About Craig (By Hayley)

Craig is a people person, everyone loves him. He is a bit of a Star Wars geek and his favourite band is the Beatles.

He will be like an extra groomsman on your wedding day. He will help with button holes and organising people. He will happily carry around your drinks, bouquet, shoes, or hold an umbrella over you if it starts to rain.

He has all the jokes (good ones and bad) he will make you laugh and he might flirt with your Granny. Always a charmer and full of compliments.

He is the type of person to put everyone before himself. Always happy to help in any way he can.

Craig is really good at getting those moments in between on camera, the ones where no one realises that they are being photographed. Grandparents wiping away a tear, old friends catching up and having a banter or the couple having a little moment.

He will capture all the good stuff that you might miss on your wedding day.

Hayley x

We really love to hear stories of how our couples met so here is ours. Craig and I met in a not so classy nightclub in Aberdeen. I was blown away by this handsome, charming man with some questionable dance moves. The feeling was mutual, we were both smitten. He was very romantic (still is). He wrote down all of our cheesy text messages from when we first dated into a notebook and a few years later he used that notebook to propose. Now here we are, a few years and kids later. A wedding photography dream team. Like Han and Chewy, John and Paul or crackers and cheese.
© Jennifer Moher

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