In November I had the pleasure of meeting my favourite photographer Twyla Jones - I got in touch with her at the start of the year to let her know how much I admired her work and I was so delighted when we began arranging a workshop in Scotland. She was joined by the very awesome Chadwick Braithwaite and together they ran a workshop called The Runaways and visited some epic locations all over Europe. For the Scotland part of the workshop we decided to go to Glencoe. Logistically there was a lot of travel involved but Glencoe is worth it. I know a very lovely couple that we had come and meet us in Glencoe to model for us. Sa ... Read the Post
Fiona and Josh had the most laid back relaxed wedding at Barn at Barra Castle in Aberdeen. We loved their style, they were so chilled out from the get go and their families and friends were amazingly welcoming. Editing these photos I welled up again as I remembered Josh's speech. I like a good cry at wedding's. Craig can usually hold it together but you will find me hiding behind my lens, shedding a tear or two. I can't help it, we are so fortunate to witness such an amazing day and be part of it, capturing all the emotions is one of the best things about wedding photography. We love the barn, what a fantastic new venue, I can see how each an ... Read the Post