Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition right? Craig and I actually work as a team on your wedding day and we feel this has many benefits.

  1. We make a good team, not to blow our own trumpet but we work well together in life and in work. We have so much fun on your wedding day and we know each other inside out. There is a huge benefit to working so closely with the same person and we know exactly how each of us work and we bounce off each other on the day.
  2. There is the obvious benefit of having 2 photographers capture your day, we don’t miss a thing and it means we can get both bride and groom prep in the morning. We feel that both are equally as important as each other.
  3. We cover 2 different angles of your ceremony. If there was only one of us then it would be difficult to capture both the bride walking down the aisle and the reaction of the groom but this is covered as I shoot from the front and Craig shoots from the back.
  4. Two photographers mean more candid shots of you and your guests.
  5. We do the couples shoot together. We find this massively beneficial to your final gallery because both Craig and I shoot differently. We shoot the way that we see it and we each have different ways of shooting. The same set up can result in many different images because its not just a different angle that we shoot from, we use different focal lengths which massively changes the effect of an image.

So it is ladies on the left and fellas on the right, you can decide for yourself what image you like the best. They were both shot within seconds of each other, some are very similar with subtle differences and some are massively different. I always find this interesting while I edit a wedding and thought it would be a fun topic to share and show how you can can get such a huge variety of images in your gallery.

Please feel free to comment on who shot it best, we wont be offended. Promise!

Scotland wedding photography duo.

Scotland wedding photography


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