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3rd January 2020

Nothing quite like a bit of friendly competition between a husband and wife right? One of the great things about booking a wedding photography duo is the variety of images and angles that you get. A lot of photographers have a second shooter with them to capture other angles and both bride and groom prep. We don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Craig and I have been working together now for years and we know very well how each of us work which also helps with knowing when to get out of each others way during the ceremony, speeches and dancing. We also always shoot the couples shoot together and we shoot it so differently. Craig likes to shoot a lot with his zoom lens and then he has is 24mm for wider shots and he also shoots a lot of portrait orientation where as I like to get right in there with the 35mm and landscape orientation. This leads to very different images taken only moments apart. I love editing the couples shoot especially because I get to see things that Craig has shot that I had no idea he was shooting at the same time as me and its amazing what a different angle and focal length can do to make the images look completely unique. Some are more subtle differences but I still find it interesting. So its been a while since we have done one of these but it is all in good fun. I have picked a few moments from the last year or so of wedding photography we have shot together around Aberdeenshire and throughout Scotland. Comment and let us know who you think shot it best. I promise we won’t be offended! Its ladies first of course so mine are the lefties and Craig’s are the righties.
Wedding photogrpahy Scotland-450-1.jpg
Maria and Magnus-319.jpg
 Sarah and Simon -628.jpg
Kim and Andy wedding -496.jpg
Dionne and Greame-58-1.jpg
Lesley and John wedding photos-340-3.jpg
Ailsa and Andrew-514.jpg
Emily and Robbie -656.jpg
John and Julie-466.jpg
Emily and Robbie -637.jpg
Mhairi and Leigh-444.jpg
Eilidh and Russell-930.jpg
Laura and Stephen wedding photos-524.jpg
Iain and Brenda wedding photos-519.jpg
Emily and Robbie -419.jpg
Nicola and Neale wedding photos-508.jpg
Kim and Tim -611.jpg
Jason and Fiona-435.jpg

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